CIIDIR encompasses four main Research Pillars

  1. Molecular Biology,
  2. Immunity and Inflammation,
  3. Population Health and Biology, and
  4. Clinical and Public Health Research.
Importantly, several of the research groups have expertise and projects in more than one pillar.
We encourage collaboration and projects that overlap with more than one research pillar.


Research Pillars

Molecular Microbiology

Immunity and Inflammation

Population Health and Biology

Clinical and Public Health Research

Cross-cutting activities

Cross-cutting activities work across all pillars to ensure access to the best training, resources and enabling technologies as well as ensuring discoveries are translated into solutions for human health. The Centre would enhance existing Barwon Health, Deakin and IMPACT capacity for research translation, fundraising, marketing and communications, and to establish new partnerships and collaborations.

Education, Training and Capacity Building
Platform Technologies
Data, Analytics and AI
Research Translation
Fundraising, marketing and comms
Partnerships and collaboration

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